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gluten-free desserts made using healthy & wholesome ingredients

for those who want to enjoy their favourite sweets with more nutrient-dense ingredients and natural unrefined sugars.


there's a mix of my nostalgic childhood treats and some classics with a twist. baking has always been about expressing my appreciation for the people I love, including myself.

this book is a celebration of enjoying the treats you love without restriction, deprivation, or dieting. life's too short, make it sweet.

55+ recipes which include "the basics" e.g. ghee, marshmallows, chia jam, custard etc.


ingredient information. familiarise yourself with gluten-free alternative flours and alternative sugars and gain more confidence baking with them.

baking tips - hacks, tips and tricks to make your life a little easier, helping you get more resourceful in the kitchen.

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hardback available NOW

limited copies available

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