I've always been a lover of food - the kind who's senses heighten when hearing packaging rustling, always ready to attack (assuming it's food). Freshly baked goods make me go weak at the knees; cake, cookies, brownies you name it. I pretty much couldn't get through the day without them.

Once I turned to living that 'healthy lifestyle' I thought that the days of enjoying my favourite foods were over, just miserable. I later realised I can still have cake, using wholesome, nutritionally dense ingredients while still making them DELISH. 

In all, I try to live a healthy, holistic and toxic free lifestyle,  I've now found my passion in using nourishing, (+ mostly) organic ingredients.

You CAN have your cake and eat it. Life isn't about restriction, deprivation and dieting. Enjoy what you eat, nourish your body, soul and LOVE LIFE - cheesy but true.



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