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with a background

in art and design,

i naturally enjoy observing the beauty that surrounds me. at the moment, i'm channelling that through styling food and photography.

i also do recipe development and content creation, while collaborating with brands that i align with.

for me, cooking and baking is a celebration of  food. it's about nourishment, bringing people together and being able to express my appreciation for them and for you!

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hi friend

welcome welcome 

i've been a food enthusiast for as long as i can remember. you know, the kind who's senses heighten when hearing someone open a packet of something in the next room (assuming it's a snack).


my passion for cooking started with baking at age 6 when we made halloween eyeball cupcakes at school. i was so mesmerised by how fluffy and delicious they turned out that i had to ask the teacher if i can take home the recipe. believe me when i say i made it on repeat because i was ob-sessed.

as i got older the comforting associations of cake was used as a stress-coping mechanism. this lead to restricting certain foods, which then developed into disordered eating. after years of unlearning what toxic diet culture taught me, learned how to eat sustainably without feeling deprived.

that's where @thathealthjunkie comes in.

i wanted a platform where i can build a community and share recipes that i love with others.

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